Facilities Available

Huge School Campus : The diversification and expansion of the School through adoption of new and topically relevant courses has led to further enhancement of our infrastructure in order to full fill our growing needs. The institute provides spacious, well-equipped Class Rooms and Departmental Staff-rooms on its sprawling campus. Capacious Activities cum Examination Hall and sizable halls  with audio visual systems are part of the support facilities. The St. Joseph’s Convent ICSE School is following continuous & comprehensive evaluation through assessment in All classes for enrichment of the total personality. The school offers faculties like Maths, Science, Commerce, Hindi, Marathi, Computer Science, Informatics Practices, Maths and Accountancy in different combinations as prescribed by ICSE.
Those students interested in martial art like Karate, Athletic, Basketball, Football, Handball, Hockey, Music, Singing, Skating   are trained and qualified by experienced instructors.

Huge Play Ground : A big play ground is open for our students during the school hours. The school has facilities for playing  basket ball, football, cricket, Kho-Kho Hockey and kabaddi Athlete are created. Training is given by trained coaches. The students participate in NATIONAL LEVEL i.e CISCE GAMES.

Play Equipment : The students of Pre-Primary are provided with play equipment like swings, see-saw, climbing frames etc. to help them to have gross muscular development. They also have various educational class room equipment to develop their aesthetic, language as well as fine muscular development.
Various literary activities including competitions like speeches, extempore, debates as well as writing stories, poems, essays, slogans etc. are carried out time to time throughout the academic session aiming to bring out the literary talents of the students.

Library Facilities : We have a good school library with more than 3000 books and more than 15 periodicals. The Reference Section has a variety of standard encyclopedias, dictionaries and reference books.
The library is fully computerized with bar code enabled. There is a qualified librarian, who is always ready to render any help to the users of the library.
The library has a Photocopier. The students can take copies of any relevant article from the reference section of the library. There is an internet connection available for the library.The students are allowed to use the internet facility during the school hours.

Computer Education : Computers have taken over a major part of human activities and enabled people to have more leisure by reducing his work-load. Computer Education is started from the primary classes and is one of the main  subjects in the Senior Secondary classes. The school has a well equipped computer laboratory and trained teachers to impart computer education at different levels.

Science Laboratory : The school has a well equipped laboratory of Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Computer Science for the students to experiment and learn because learning by doing makes concrete concept formation.

Drawing and Craft : The creative mind of a child is vast like an ocean. To give an opportunity to display one’s imaginative and creative mind as well as the aesthetic sense, drawing and craft plays an important role. Children from pre-primary start these activities till they complete their schooling.

Karate : Those students interested in martial art like Karate are trained by qualified and experienced instructors.

Band : Students interested in various musical instruments are given special training to join the school band.

Physical Education : The school authorities understand that sports and games are necessary for physical and mental growth and development of each child. So optimum environment is provided for productive and comprehensive physical education programme to make the entire education a joyous process and also to participate in District, regional and national level competitions.

Music : Interested students are provided the music classes.

Picnic / Excursion.

Educational Tour : Students are taken on picnic as part of their education. Educational tours/excursions are organized once in a year for increasing. the horizon of knowledge. In the company of friends students discover and enjoy new experience of watching people, institutions, monuments, places of scientific and historical importance etc.

Exhibitions : Art and Craft as well as Science Exhibition are to give expression for the creativity and scientific ideas of the students.

Celebrations : Various National Festivals and Religious Festivals and important days are celebrated in the school. School Annual Day and Sports Day are celebrated alternatively.

Scatting : Those students interested in Scatting are trained by qualified and experienced instructors.

Dance : Students interested in various forms are given special training to join the Dance Group.